People and Change Management Services

Intelligence Management consultants work with clients to identify, develop and execute people and change management strategies, offering support and capability building at every stage to meet strategic, organizational, and operational demands. We work with business leaders and device human resource strategies to support the overall business strategy. This also includes strategic compensation management, strategic manpower planning, organization development and employee engagement services.

Human Capital Strategy
The Intelligence Management team ensures that knowledge, skills, abilities and performance of the workforce meet the current and future organizational and individual needs. Our Consultants serve the whole Organization and not only the Human Resource Departments. They understand the core business needs and streamline the HR processes accordingly. The Consultants draft a long term HR focused plan which could help the business build on its strength and avail the profit maximizing opportunities.

Organization Development and Change Management
In a dynamic business environment, it is not enough for organizations to accept change, they must embrace change and adapt to the changing situations quickly. Our consultants help in preparing organizations to change with the environment by showing personal commitment, involving people in change process, communicating with stakeholders, reinforcing change initiatives and measuring the impact of change.

Organization Structure Management
The Organization Structure of any Organization depends upon its business and its stage in the business life cycle. We study six aspects of the Organization structure namely Work specialization, Departmentalization, Chain of Command, Span of Control, Centralization / Decentralization and Formulation. Then we suggest an appropriate mix of these elements of the structure according to the business needs.

Employee Engagement
Globally, employee satisfaction has taken a greater scope and is now moving towards employee engagement. We not only conduct employee engagement surveys to gauge the involvement levels of the employee, but we also device engagement strategies so that the employee could positively contribute towards the profitability of the businesses.

HR Functional Planning
Once the Corporate strategy and the HR strategy are in place, we contribute in aligning the individual functions of the HR while keeping intact the strategic intent. We redesign the services to improve overall delivery and strategize the functions according to the business needs to maximize the profitability through people and systems.

These contributions could include maximizing the Return on Investment (ROI) on training investments, strategic talent and competency management, compensation and benefit planning, performance management etc.